Furniture & Prop Rentals

Our collection has been handpicked and thoughtfully curated with our clients & events in mind. Scroll down to take a look at our inventory!


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1. Vintage Floral 2-Seater Lounge Chair (L118cm W46cm H85cm) $80 | 2. Vintage 3-Drawer Side Table (L87cm W55cm 71cm) $80 | 3. Vintage Telephone Bench (L89cm W43cm H85cm) $60 | 4. Vintage Side Table (L46cm W31cm H41cm) $30 | 5. Vintage Console Table (L120cm W40cm H77cm) $80 | 6.Mustard Yellow Bench (L92cm W46cm H45cm) $60


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1. Rattan Shelf (L60cm W35cm H190cm) $80 | 2. Rattan High Stool (Dia38cm H75cm) $30 | 3. Small Rattan Stand (Dia32cm H22cm) $20 | 4. Rattan Peacock Chair (L100cm W55cm H150cm) $120 (*Floral garland not included)


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1. Wooden High Stool (L46cm W31cm H95cm) $30 | 2. Pallet Spool Table (Dia60cm H53cm) $60 | 3. Mint Shelf (L56cm W48cm H92cm) $60 | 4. Wooden Glass-top Shelf (L90cm W26cm H164cm) $100

White collection

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1. White Ladder (L62cm W34cm H78cm) $30 | 2. White Console Table (L80cm W40cm H76cm) $60 |3. White Bathtub (L133cm W66cm H82cm) $100


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Macramé Hanging A


Macramé Hanging C


Macramé Hanging E

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The Dessert Party Rentals 4.jpg
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The Dessert Party Rentals 10.jpg
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Macramé Hanging B


Macramé Hanging D

1. Set of. 3 Small Vintage Suitcases $50 | 2. Set of 2 Large Vintage Suitcases $60 | 3. Set of 5 Vintage Suitcases $100 | 4. Wicker Picnic Basket $30 | 5. Set of 2 Woven Baskets $50 | 6. Mini Drawer Display Stand $30 | 7. Birch-wood Stool $30 | 8. Macramé Hangings A/B/C/D/E $30 

RENTAL booking guide

Take a look at our inventory and make note of the items you think you'd like to use. Once you've decided, drop us an order form under the "Contact Us" tab with the details of your event, and our team will get back to within 24-48 hours. Your booking is only confirmed when the invoice for confirmation is sent and the deposit is paid. You will also be required to sign a Rental Agreement form.



Rental rates are considered for a 72 hour period. If you need a longer rental period than this, just let us know and we can setup an extended rental discount to allow for ease of your rental experience. 


Collections and returns are to be made at our studio at 12 New Industrial Road Singapore 536202 via appointment only. The earliest collection timing is 9am and the latest return timing is 10pm. Late returns will incur a fee.


One-way delivery is available from $30 onwards. Bigger items would require additional charges.

Security Deposit

A $100 security deposit will be required for all rentals, which will be returned to you when items are returned undamaged and in the same conditioned as handed over to you. You are highly encouraged to inspect all rental items upon collection. It should be noted that some items may show signs of wear and tear, especially for vintage furniture. Should you choose not inspect the props upon collection, the rented items will be deemed satisfactory and damage-free when handed over.

Damaged Items

Should items be returned or picked up damaged (including candle wax, spills or water damage, and not limited to weather related damages) you will be responsible for replacement fees. This can be 4-8 times the rental rate and sometimes more depending on the rental items. Damaged or missing items will incur a full replacement fee. 


Please ensure that all rented items have been gently cleaned before returning.  A cleaning fee of $10-50 will be chargeable for stained items.

Outdoor Events

 Rental items cannot be left outside overnight, so please be sure to have a secure, covered place where items can be stored. 


The Dessert Party does not issue refunds for inclement weather. Should bad weather or wind become an issue, we reserve the right to refuse or release items and offer a substitution of in-stock items to help facilitate an indoor function. The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event. Please discuss “Plan B” with your coordinator. It is our desire that your event go as smoothly as possible. However, if you choose to chance the weather, you will assume full responsibility for wind and weather damages. If our team arrives for a delivery and the weather is bad or impending, we will call you or a contact person to discuss options. Please always provide an additional contact name and number should you be unavailable the day of your event.  


Though we love the look and feel of the warmth of real candles, lighted candles are not allowed on our furniture items. Taper candles are allowed in candelabras, brass candle holders and clear candle holders which are to be placed on our tables. However, we highly recommend dripless tapers as you are subject to cleaning fees for wax that has dripped on the furniture or other decor near the candles that wax may have dripped on. If wax is found on items that do not allow open flames then you are subject to a cleaning/replacement fee 5 times the rental rate of that item.